Gazebo woodworking

Services Hand Crafted, High Quality Products



Your custom kitchen or bath from Gazebo Woodworking blends European and traditional technology with Natural, sustainable materials, and thoughtful, ergonomic design. You choose the artisanal touches that make it special. 


Architectural Millworking

We offer a variety of custom architectural elements. Going far beyond style, our craftsmen address technological and architectural issues to meet demanding structural requirements and to assure performance and longevity.



Solid wood furniture is strong, durable, and dynamic, responding to changes in its surroundings by deepening in tone and gaining in character. The value reveals itself over time. 


Unique Finishes

Gazebo Woodworking produces not only unique pieces, but unique finishes as well. Finishes that are not only beautiful, but long lasting.



Brilliant, inspiring designs, customized for your unique Gazebo Woodworking pieces. The sky is the limit and our craftsmen are second to none. 


High Quality Installations

Licensed, bonded, and insured, but more importantly, we take all necessary precautions to insure that your uniquely crafted piece(s) are properly installed, professionally and on time.